Ventilation systems

Ventilation systems for SCHUCO profile

For which purpose is required ventilation in modern windows? There were slits in the old windows, which ensured a constant supply of fresh air into the room from outside (there is even a term - natural window ventilation). For the same reason the owners of old windows did not know the problem of condensation and mold. Modern plastic, wood, aluminium and other windows are very tight. Unfortunately, this advantage of new windows is also their problem. Result - no fresh air is entering, excessive moisture, condensation on windows and window sill, mold on the slopes and much more. These problems are not related to the quality of modern windows, and in this situation, manufacturers usually recommend constantly keeping the window sashes in “slit ventilation” mode.

For this purpose the modern ventilation devices, which provide an air flow from the street, were invented, so there is no need in opening the window.

Airing of the room by simple opening of the window, even in the “slit ventilation” mode has negative consequences:

  • Dust pollution and penetration of allergenic pollen;
  • Reduction of insulation (from 30-35 dBA to 17-18 dBA), which was so hardly increased due to expensive double-glazed windows;
  • Cold and drafts, since the cold air circulation is on the floor and over the floor;
  • Loss of security of the room, because the open window, especially on the lower floors, attracts attention.

All this leads to the fact that consumers of modern windows, despite all the benefits, are experiencing discomfort and are rarely using windows for airing.

Schuco ventilation devices

Schuco ventilation devices are integrated into the window frame of Schuco CORONA AS-60 and CORONA CT-70, CORONA SI-82 profile systems, not disturbing the attractiveness of the design, and not taking up the place. You will not see them when the windows are closed.

Mode of operation:

Air exchange occurs through two small vent openings between the frame of the window sash. Ventilation holes of these openings are provided with counterbalance, which is regulating an air exchange depending on wind pressure. In case of increased pressure difference, regulation valves are closed automatically.

Capabilities of schuco ventilation systems

  • Automatic air ventilation in case of closed window;
  • Installation on installed plastic windows;
  • Capability of disassembly of the ventilation device;
  • Air enters through the upper part of the window, its volume is regulated, so that the air is evenly distributed throughout the room without any drafts;
  • Air exchange is adjusted depending on the wind strength.

Technical characteristics

  • Air exchange coefficient of about 0.15/hour;
  • Ventilation intensity of about 4 m3/h at a pressure difference of 10 Pa;
  • Decrease in the relative air humidity:10-15%;
  • Sound insulation up to 42 dB by using appropriate glass;
  • Air flow restriction between 30 and 50 Pa.

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