Repairs and improvements

Replacement of window sills

Whatever the reason for replacement of the window sill, we can easily elect the appropriate option and will carry out installation within a reasonable time.

Repair or replacement of sash

We will help remove fine scratches, eliminate blowing off, or, if necessary, replace the sash.

Installation and replacement of mosquito net

Poplar fluff and insects will not penetrate into your home. We will pick up the mosquito net for your window: roll net, “anticat” net, pleated or standard.

Technical maintenance

We will carry out adjustment of the sashes, processing of the fittings, cleaning and other preventive care needed to maintain the performance capability of windows at a high level.


Mounting tape

Despite the high rates of the modern windows, there is always a gap between the window frame and the wall of the building, the so-called “field joint”.

Window care

Mosquito nets

The basic function of mosquito nets - protection against insects with open windows.

Climate control valve

Fresh air with closed windows

Child lock for pvc windows

The most common option of protection - handle with a key on the window.

Shutters and roller shades

Shutters are comfortable as they are manufactured individually, according to the sizes of your windows.