Windows for roofs

Roof windows - new sensations under the roof

Regardless of whether you are building a new house or modernizing mansard roof, Roto products offer the freedom and comfort under the roof. Our dormer windows stand out with advanced technologies: built-in insulation, preparation of the window for installation in production. This is combined with the unique design and ensures unsurpassed «german made» quality of our products. Discover the opportunity to re-evaluate life under the roof - in a space filled with light and warmth.

Options of roof windows

Designo r8 with two sash rotation axes

Modern design and high-energy efficiency

Designo R8 window takes up a special place among all Roto roof windows. This window model is best known for its high functionality and excellent energy efficiency, which is ensured by double opening system maintained by one multifunction handle. Reduced installation height, modern design and color of the cover plates (antracite metallic) ensure the perfect connection of the window with the roof covering.


Designo R7 with raised rotaton axis

The unique functional solution.High comfort

Roof window Designo R7, compared with the traditional model of the window with the central rotation axis, is notable for its high functionality and improved comfort of use. Sash rotation axis is displaced up by ¾ of the window height, and, thanks to gas shock absorbers, window sash is pushed out, while its upper part does not fall within the working plane of the attic room. This technology provides the user with a free and secure access to the open window without the need to bend under the sash. Narrow frame profiles ensure perfect illumination of the room.

Roto Q4 with central sash rotation axis

Sound “click” signalizes the correctly performed installation phase

Modern design, top quality and energy efficiency – these are characteristic features of RotoQ window. Roto is a wooden window with the central sash rotation axis of the new generation. RotoQ surprises with its innovative solutions and ergonomic shape of the handle. High level of comfort can be improved by means of numerous accessories that are installed without any tools.

Designo R4 with central rotation axis

Traditional solution

The rotation axis in Designo R4 roof windows is located at 1/2 height of the window. Maintenance is carried out by one handle, located at the bottom of the window. The window has a modern color of cover plates - antracite metallic. Designo R4 is an ideal complement to Designo R7 roof windows in hard-to-get-at places. essories that are installed without any tools.

Remotely operated designo R4 rototronic

Comfort of remote-controlled operation

R4 RotoTronic roof window is ideal for installation in hard-to-get-at places in combination with Designo R7 windows. They are motorized, thus allowing maintaining the window with a wall switch (RotoTronic E) or remote control desk (RotoTronic EF). The window is conventionally equipped with a rain sensor, which closes the window in case of precipitation. span>

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