Plastic doors

Balcony doors

Balcony doors compose in most cases the part of the balcony unit and are installed together with the window. When ordering a PVC-U-balcony door it is important to understand its functions and functional requirements. For instance, if the window unit has blind fixed sashes – it is important to equip the door with the tilt and turn mechanism: this will secure comfortable air change without draughts. If the balcony or the recessed balcony are glazed – it is sufficient to order a PVC-U-door with one-chamber glass unit. An open summerhouse requires a two or even a three-chamber glass unit that will protect the room from the cold outside air.

Balcony door design

It stands to mention that the design of the balcony door is entirely congruent with the design of a standard window: there are clamping bars along the entire perimeter, multi-locking mechanism, tilt or tilt and turn opening modes with the sash error locking device. The balcony door has a handle only on one side – on the inside. Of course, it may be possible to install double-sided balcony fittings. Another distinctive feature of the balcony door from the other two types – it opens only inwards.

Professional installation

When you choose a new balcony door for your apartment or house make sure to think of the quality of installation alongside with the quality of the product itself. Exclusively skilled erection crews of our factory shall install the balcony doors in compliance with all operational requirements.


Interior doors

Lightweight doors are widely used in offices, residential and process areas. Doors of the PVC-U- profile are unaffected by the air moisture gradient and can function properly in bathrooms and toilets, swimming pools and shower rooms, in basements and attic-floor rooms. PVC-U-doors require very little maintenance (regular wet cleaning is sufficient). They are impervious to the majority of common biochemicals, possess high mechanical strength. The sum of such quality and performance features secures their trouble-free operation over a period of 20-25 years.

Балконные двери

A wide choice of alternate constructions and designs

We are ready to offer our customers a wide choice of alternate constructions and designs of the door panels, as well as miscellaneous colour schemes. They can harmoniously fit into any interior of both residential and office premises.

Alongside with the white doors we can offer you to select the colour that will harmoniously fit into your home interior. A wide range of colours and woodgrain surface finishes will make your home one-of-a-kind. For lamination of the doors, we use the next generation of film coatings that entirely convey the texture of genuine wood. The door surface finish does not lose colour and can retain gloss for a long time.

Entrance doors

Fundamental requirements that the entrance door must meet are – high reliability, burglar resistance, minimum K value, excellent sound insulation and aesthetic appeal.

Metal-PVC-U-entrance door units in terms of their burglar protection are almost equal to their steel alternatives and definitely leave the wood alternatives behind.

  • The profile of the frames and sashes is reinforced with special steel inserts with the closed section.
  • Accessory similar elements securely block the access to the glazing rebate and lock devices.
  • Locks integrated in the door panel structures have several cross beams.
  • Doors may be equipped with accessory burglarproof fittings – fasteners, overhung, etc.
  • Installation of the electrically-driven door closers may be relevant for office premises.

Styling options

PVC-U-entrance doors may have widely different styling options. This includes both the arrangement of decorative fixtures and the choice of the colour of the surface finish. The use of bent mullions and arched top gives the doors a distinction and special fascination.

Glazing units that are part of the entrance doors design may have a diverse number of chambers аnd they are made of low-emissive, colour or shockproof glass. PVC-U-entrance doors require minimum operational expenses, they are safe, aesthetically pleasing, durable and affordable.

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