Office partitions

Office partitions

Partition - construction, which is demanded mainly in the office premises. Plastic partitions in the offices are often essential and always present the elegant interior details. They allow opening office interior as much as practical, at the same time dividing it into separate zones. Employees and visitors are experiencing higher level of comfort, and the atmosphere in the office is becoming more trusting and relaxed.

The doors may be installed in the stationary partitions - single, one-and-a-half or double with different fittings. Door construction involves the installation of the lock.

Benefits of office partitions

Stationary partitions are mounted to the floor, ceiling and walls, have high rigidity characteristics and good sound insulation. If the partition needs to be installed in a room with suspended ceiling, the structure is raised to the desired height and reinforced by studs that are attached directly to the basic ceiling.

Decorative light-transmission materials are used for filling of the partitions and doors, which may be combined if necessary - one part of the construction may be transparent and the other - not.

Plastic office partitions may be transparent, blind and combined. In the first case, the PVC-U profile is inserted in the glass unit, in the second - various opaque materials. It is believed that fully transparent office partitions are not always comfortable for employees, especially for women. In this case, ground glass or glass which is coated by film may be applied, or the partitions may be partially closed with shutters. Thus, given the wide range of color compositions of both PVC-U profile and the filler, plastic partitions offer almost unlimited possibilities for design and creation of a unique style.

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