Scandinavian windows

The windows of this type are usually used in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. They are popular in the countries with the marine climate, because when exposed to wind the window sash that opens outwards is forced against the window frame even more thereby increasing tightness. Scandinavian windows can come in a variety of combinations. The windows may have different types of hinges. The glass may be «with lattice» or may consist of separate glazing units.

”Quite often due to exclusive design and convenient opening local residents also choose these types of products for their country cottages, bathhouses and even residential houses”


These windows have a number of essential benefits:

  • Simple design
  • Better moisture and wind resistance
  • Curtains and articles on the window cill do not interfere with the opening
  • They save the room space which is extremely important, e.g. in the bathhouse
  • They transmit more light

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