Custom shapes

Unusual shapes of windows

Architectural solutions of various not just modern structures, but also of the historic buildings, do not allow installing windows of traditional rectangular shape. However, no worries here if your windows have nonstandard structure, because modern technologies ensure configuration of any shape of plastic profile.

Unique plastic windows of non-standard sizes are products, whose geometry differs from the standard PVC-U constructions, which are installed in modern residential and commercial buildings. These windows include profiles for round, rhomboid, triangular and trapezoidal openings. Having our own production, we can offer you non-standard PVC-U windows, which are manufactured by bending PVC-U profiles of high quality according to special technology, thus acquiring the necessary shape.

Options for windows of non-standard shapes

Triangular windows

Window in the shape of rightangled triangle is perfect for the installation over conventional window or the ridge (top horizontal edge) of the roof. Isosceles triangle is appropriate in the premises where the windows are opened in folding-back or rotary manner.

Arc-shaped windows

The process of production of arch-shaped windows is more difficult and lengthy than the process of production of standard PVC-U windows. These windows can be made only by means of the modern equipment of the materials of the highest quality: profiles, glass units glass sealants. The windows also need to be installed by highly skilled workers.

Arch-shaped windows have rounding of different radius. Plastic arch-shaped windows have the same properties as the standard rectangular metal-plastic window.

Windows of trapezoidal shape

Windows of non-standard trapezoidal shape will be in harmony with the interior of the decorative room. For instance, in the retro style with a part of romance.

There are many reasons why people prefer windows of trapezoidal shape. For example, they provide much more light in the rooms with gable roof. In addition, non-standard plastic window of trapezoidal shape emphasize the perfect taste of the owner of the house or apartment. p>

Popular variants of non-standard windows

Decoration of plastic arch-shaped windows

The configuration of plastic arch-shaped windows makes them exclusive, but sometimes the furniture in the room requires a special approach to the design of window product. The completion of the design idea may be achieved by laminated windows or decorated with frame bars.


Installation of frame bars

Installation of the frame bars of different widths and colors inside the arch-shaped glass unit allows making the window style unique. For example, room design in antique style is well complement by the arch-shaped windows with gold or silver frame bars.

EUROLOGI windows can be delivered upon the customer’s request with one of the imitation options, which are presented on the photos.

Window lamination

Schuco AutomotiveFinish - multi-layer film with high resistance to atmospheric agents, including fading.

With the help of this technology, PVC-U profile can be painted into any universal color.

Main properties:

  • Unique patented technology
  • Opportunity to paint PVC-U profiles in metallic color
  • Resistance to atmospheric agents
  • Compliance with environmental standards and requirements
  • Support of the German Federal Environmental Protection Fund

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