Bended glass

Bended glass

Most modern trends in the interior are based on the use of a large number of glass products. And it is not for nothing. Glass properties allow creating unique design images. This material makes it possible not to lose the link with the outside world even in the closed room, and beautifully processed glass is shining like a diamond, thus improving any interior. The new direction of the activity of our company is the production of glass products.

Our company is pleased to introduce its customers new products: glass moulding, glass fusing and decorative triplex.


(from the Latin mollio - making soft, melting) - bend glass, glass moulding method: heated to a plastic state, the glass mass (~ 650°C) is being deformed under the influence of the own weight, and takes the configuration of the shape. After bending, the product is annealed or hardened. Bent glass can be used in architecture (facades of the buildings, shelters and partitions), in the commercial equipment, furniture products, aquariums and as the objects of art. In short, bent glass can be used wherever your imagination needs to transform an angular product into a product of rounded shape.

Glass Fusing

(from the English fuse - fusion) - technology that provides connection of glass sheets. On a separate sheet of glass a pattern of multicolored pieces of glass is assembled, and then sintered in a furnace into a single layer at a high temperature (~ 850°C). Glass sheets are sintered with each other, creating unusual colored decorative objects of glass fusing. Depending on the desired effect, the color spots are mixed, or their contours remain clear; layers are spreading out or not, special texture and varied relief are being created. Fusing is expensive because the starting material is expensive, and the process of creation of stained glass window of sintered glass is difficult and laborious. Moreover, it is not always possible to achieve the desired result with a single attempt. Bright, shimmering element of glass fusing is able to convert a standard glass door into unique interior detail. Have you ever seen wall-mounted clock made by means of glass fusing? If you need the original gift, it is hard to imagine something more useful and original. First, because you can order clock with a design for the specific interior or even for the specific place or person. Second, the gift will be unique, because it is impossible to create two identical clock dial even designed from the similar sketch. Third, this gift will always be useful.

Decorative Triplex

Glued together glasses by means of polymer material. Between the glasses can be inserted fabric of different color and texture, paper, metal inserts and herbarium, etc. The variety of options for the internal filling of decorative triplex allow the designer to use almost any artistic techniques. Can be used for glass floors, ceilings, tables, stairs, etc.

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