Aluminum construction

Aluminum constructions

Glazing with aluminium is most often used for the glazing of balconies, terraces, loggias, entrance lobbies and facades of the buildings. The experts of our company offer aluminium glazing of balconies, fast and effective alternative of high quality to more expensive plastic systems. We install aluminium systems from well-known European manufacturers on balconies and loggias, and these systems are gaining popularity and respect in Latvia.

CS 86-HI

It is a system for the production of windows and doors with the highest level of insulation, which is combining aesthetic design, optimal stability and high thermal insulation. Thermal bridges of framed structure ensure a low thermal conductivity coefficient of 1.47 W/m2K, thus making this system the most energy efficient.

Fire Resistant Doors

Aluminium windows and doors of the fire resistant system CS 77-FP (degrees of fire resistance EI30 and EI60) were developed based on an existing profile and accessories CS 77. Profile chambers, which are filled with special cooling material, and self-adhesive swelling seals ensure fire resistance of the system


System for facades and transparent roofs, which ensures unlimited creative freedom for architects. The system involves 10 options of implementation, which have differing views from outside. Any combination of vertical and inclined plane with the integration of different types of sashes is possible. Heat conduction coefficient - 0.8 W/m2*K depending on the glazing.


CS 59Pa offers a wide range of non-insulated profiles for the production of constructions in functional style at an affordable price. Therefore, CS 59Pa is an ideal system for the use in the countries with warm climates, as well as for internal partitions in the offices. System is designed for windows and doors that are being opened both inwards and outwards.

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