About Schüco


The history of the company Schüco started with a small family business in the German city of Porta Westfalica (or East Westfalia, about 70 km west of Hannover). On January 1, 1951 Heinz Schürmann founded the company Heinz Schürmann & Cо. In three years the company found a new home in a bigger city, Bielefeld, and in 1963, the company became a part of the technology company Otto Fuchs KG under the short name Schüco (acronym of Schürmann & Cо).

This was the moment when Schüco discovered new business horizons as one of the leading corporations of the industry. In 1964, Schüco Design was established, a system developer and supplier of aluminium facades for the furniture industry. In the 80-s, Schüco added metal-PBC-U-windows to its range. In the end of the 90-s the corporation successfully entered the solar market.

Today Schüco corporation is the world-famous for the development and implementation of the new fascinating technologies in the systems for the construction of energy-efficient building envelopes. A comprehensive approach allows satisfying the needs of over 12000 partner companies in 80 countries worldwide. In 2013, the company turnover reached 1.5 billion EUR, with over 4800 active employees (according to Schüco data). 

История компании Schüco1999 Formula 1 Just before the dawn of the new millennium, Schüco joined Formula 1. Schüco acted as McLaren-Mercedes sponsor and McLaren-Mercedes car with Schüco sponsor logo dominated the pinnacle of motorsport worldwide.


Innovation, partnership, excellence and responsibility define the success of Schüco. As the technological leader for the entire building envelope, Schüco stands for continuous innovation of its products. At the same time the company is a competent partner for investors, architects and fabricators worldwide. Schüco achieves excellence under the umbrella of a strong brand through certified quality and award-winning design. Schüco conserves resources and takes responsibility for people and the environment with sustainable products.
  • INNOVATION MEANS FOR US:  always improving on what already exists and creating something new.
  • PARTNERSHIP  means for us tailoring all products and services to the requirements of our customers.
  • EXCELLENCE At Schüco we achieve outstanding results in everything we do.
  • Responsibility  At Schüco we use state-of-the-art technology, with a focus on man and nature.